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Passionate About Coaching Others to Succeed

My passion to coach others to succeed goes back to my years as a Senior Manager in banking.  At the height of my banking career, I was overseeing 17 locations with 110+ direct/indirect reports.  I had about 15-20 people reporting directly to me and I always felt that one of the most important parts of my position was in coaching them.  We would have one-on-one monthly or quarterly coaching sessions and we would work through their goals together reviewing where they were at in reaching each of those goals and what they were going to do in the next month or quarter to reach those goals.  We would also discuss their career goals, even if that meant they wanted to find a different job, because ultimately my belief is that if you are not happy in what you are doing you will not be giving it your all and you will not be as successful as you would be in something that you were passionate about.  Coaching others to succeed was what I was most passionate about in my banking career and it is what I am most passionate about in WELCOMING WOW!

On the personal side, my better half (Jeff) and I have 2 doggies -- Mila (a Jack Russell) and Mazy (a Corgi) who keep us entertained when we're not busy remodeling a house, travelling, coaching others or hiking/biking.