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Hello There!

Thank you for your interest in joining our growing list of Spectrum-Friendly Vacation Rentals!  Please click the link below and complete the questionnaire and we will be in touch!

LIke many of you, I have family members, friends and neighbors with autistic children or children that are “on the spectrum” and I know traveling can be stressful when dealing with the unknown.  What can we do to welcome ALL of our guests with a wow - including our autistic guests?  

After researching and listening to parents of autistic children, I am developing training and certification for Vacation Rental Owners to make their properties more comfortable for autistic children.   

I am also developing a site where Vacation Rental Owners and Autistic families can be connected so families can choose a Vacation Rental that their whole family will be comfortable in.  

Much more to come, but click the button above to get on the list and get started!  

What is Ninny's List?

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