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frequently asked questions

  • Suzanne - When is the best time to start working with you?
    I can help you at any point in the journey of owning a Vacation Rental, but the absolute BEST time to start working together is before you purchase a property (or rent one for rental arbitrage)!
  • Suzanne - Why should I have a social media presence for my Vacation Rental? Can't I just list it on AirBnb and the $$ will start flowing in?
    I wish that were still the case! There is a TON more competition these days and some markets are saturated with Vacation Rentals. Therefore, your property must stand out and you must have a way to reach people other than through OTA's (Online Travel Agency) like AirBnb and VRBO. Plus, when you are ready to do direct bookings, having your own brand and following established will help transition more guests to book direct with you!
  • Suzanne - How much does it cost to work with you?
    My prices vary depending on where you are in your Vacation Rental journey and how much help you need! If you want to see what it would cost YOU to work with ME, schedule a FREE initial consult by emailing! We'll get you setup!
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