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Be my guest! Be my guest!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Once you have your vacation rental ready to go, invite a couple of friends or family to stay just as if they were your guests. Ask them to critique the space and amenities. Mind must be ready to listen or this is just a waste of time and energy. Be open to hearing their feedback and honest criticism. Remember, you want to make it better.

  1. How did it feel when they arrived at the vacation rental?

  2. Was it easy to check in?

  3. Was it welcoming?

  4. Ask them what they experienced when they arrived. What was the overall feeling they got when they walked through the door?

  5. How did they feel about the amenities that were provided?

  6. How were the sleeping accommodations? Were the beds comfy? Were there extra blankets and pillows? What about an alarm clock?

  7. Did the kitchen have enough utensils and supplies? Pots and pans? Glasses and mugs? Are they able to make a cup of coffee or tea in the morning?

  8. What about the bathroom(s)? Towels and washcloths? Soaps, shampoos, etc?

  9. Are the TV's in working order if they are part of the stay? Were they easy to operate?

  10. Do you have a Guidebook for your guests that give instructions for how to use appliances and electronics and additional information and rules for their stay? If so, have them critique that too! If not....ask WELCOMING WOW to create one for you!

Lastly, this is another area where we can help you!! We can do a virtual walk-through of the space with you and give you that criticism and feedback you need, but there is still nothing like having someone stay there!

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