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Boring to booked

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Welcoming Wow is your vacation rental business coach.

Welcome to the blog! It's June, 2022 and we just realized we never "welcomed you" to the blog!! Welcoming Wow has had a few changes since the blog started and I'm sure it will have more going forward!! In the beginning, we were just focused on making sure your guests felt welcomed from the minute they walked in the door! Well, times have changed and now we are helping Vacation Rental Owners look at both the big pictures as well as the details and are coaching them to success!

Did you know?

Did you know we have a YouTube Channel? Oh Yeah!! In it you'll find interesting and fun interviews with other Vacation Rental Owners around the US (Owner's Club Series) where they give bits of advice to owners who are just getting started or want to improve on their business. We also have interviews with Vacation Rental Guests (Guest Club Series) to glean a bit of understanding of guests and what they're looking for and also what they love to see when they stay in your Vacation Rental. Then there's our Affiliates Club Interview Series (coming soon!) where we bring you knowledgeable people who have various businesses that provide products and services for Vacation Rental Owners (think lenders, realtors, property managers, etc..)!

Vacation Rental Listing & Social media Assessments

We love to help Vacation Rental Owners put $$ back in their pockets AND get more bookings by assessing their listing and social media presence. Often, small tweaks or better descriptions or the RIGHT descriptions will boost the ranking of the listing on popular booking sites. Pictures play a vital role as well, especially when they are professional pictures and also when they have your target market in mind. In a recent assessment, there was a setting we found that once the owner adjusted it, they were able to put $5,000 back in their pockets!

Social Media presence is also so important today so that YOU are helping to drive business either to your direct booking website or to your listing. Don't have a social media presence....we can help guide you in that as well! See WELCOMING WOW's Instagram page here:

1:1 CUstomized business Coaching

Another way WELCOMING WOW helps vacation rental owners (or future owners) is through our customized, 1:1 business coaching. We know that many owners are at different stages in their journey so we take our Boring to Booked course and customize it to each Vacation Rental Owner. Want to start the process, but don't know where to start? Need help calculating potential profit? Want to figure out your target market so you can develop your brand? Want help with your decor/theme? We got you.

Want to start working with us? Just send a message in the chat or send an email to

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