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Heads in the beds?

Some of you want to be able to cram alot of people into your rental, but how natural does that feel to your guests? I know that a listing sounds better when it says it sleeps 10 rather than 6, but potential guests are getting a bit more savvy and unless they're desperate, they are going to look through the pics. When they see 2 double beds crammed into one bedroom, how does that look and more importantly how does that feel to guests? Also, do you want your house to have a frat party feeling or the feeling guests get when they book at a small, upscale boutique hotel?

You want to be able to sleep as many people as is COMFORTABLE in your space. Basically, aim for 2 people per bedroom plus a couple more on the couch. For example, a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house would comfortably sleep 8 typically (maybe 10). 2 in each bedroom with queen size beds at a minimum (because who really wants to share a double or full size bed anymore when on vacation??). Another 2 on a pull out or convertible sofa in the living room (if its comfortable), and maybe a day bed or bunk beds somewhere if you have room. BUT please make sure its classy!!

Other things to keep in mind for your beds are:

  1. Mattress pads - these are your friend! Think waterproof, and allergy-proof, but not those hot, vinyl ones. Yuck.

  2. At least two if not 3 sets of sheets for each bed (white so they can be bleached). You don't need to leave all these available for your guests (they should be left with an extra set if they book longer stays), but it will make it easier for turnover between guests.

  3. 4 pillows for each queen or king bed. 2 pillows for twin. I know that seems like a lot, but guests are all different (yep!)

  4. Comforter or bedspread (make sure its easier to wash) and a backup comforter or bedspread. With viruses, cleanliness is super important! Your comforter should either be a solid white or match the decor, but white is easier to bleach!

  5. Extra blanket for each bed. Also please have a blanket or throw on the couch. Please like to snuggle, and yes it will need to be laundered between guests.

  6. Quality mattresses. I know its expensive, but guests and their backs will thank you and they will comment on the nice beds in their reviews.

Please share your thoughts and pics of your vacation rental bedrooms! We would love to see!

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