It really is the little things

I know its not just me either. We're staying at a vacation rental near St. Augustine, FL for 3 nights. Let me tell you, overall its a pretty nice home! 3 bedroom/2 bath home with a screened in lanai and fenced in backyard for the doggies. In the pictures, it looks beautiful. On the plus side its:


Comfy couch

Ample sized kitchen

Washer/Dryer available

Ice in the freezer

Curb Appeal

Queen size beds

However, there are plenty of little things that just disappoint me as a guest.

The immediate items that were disappointing for me were:

  1. No trash bags in the main kitchen garbage and recycle bins nor were there any to be found in the house.

  2. Dirty, wet dishrag and used, wet sponge left in the sink.

  3. Blankets and towel left in the washer.

  4. No TV in any bedroom and in fact, the cables had actually been cut.

  5. Living room tv is quite small compared to the size of the room

  6. Dining table decor is fall/halloween and we are here in February/March. ??