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Let's get techie!

First...what the heck do I mean? Techie is a person who is an expert in or enthusiastic about technology. As Vacation Rental Owners, we have had to get more techie the last few years, and the trend will continue.

While nothing can replace your awesome hospitality, it's important we find ways to add more tech to your business. As Casago says (Top Vacation Rental Trends for 2022 | Casago), the role of technology is to streamline your business processes, saving valuable time and money, manage and market your homes, communicate effectively with your guests, and meet guest expectations during their travel journey and in the home. While staying ahead of the game requires leveraging the power of technology in your daily operations, guests are also seeking automation in the home.


We're not just talking about your standard WiFi anymore. Guests are looking to stream their favorite shows, be on all of their phones and tablets AND since many want to combine work and pleasure (think Bliesure travel), they are looking for internet speeds to accomodate a ZOOM call! Also, your WiFi can be a key component in your marketing! Did you know you can make sure it collects e-mail addresses when guests logon? Just like when you stay in a hotel! Use those email addresses to promote your rental to future guests (unless they were NOT good guests!)

Smart Locks

Many of you have already gone the route of smart locks, and if you haven' most likely will soon! Here's a link to help you figure out the best one for you! (Top 10 Smart Locks 2022 (

Doorbells with cameras

Think RING doorbells and other varieties. At a minimum this helps ensure safety and security. It can also help you confirm guests' identity.

Digital Guidebook

The days of the binders and brochures are starting to fade away. In the wake of COVID and our attempts to keep the germs (and virus) at bay, a digital guidebook has become even more popular. Our friends at Welcome Guide have an awesome product which creates a QR code that then links to your Guidebook (rules and information). You can also have separate QR codes for items that guests may have specific questions about (pool, hot tub, grill, etc). Check them out at Tell them Welcoming Wow sent you!

Online Host Marketplace

This type of offering gives you the ability to offer additional products and services to your guests! You now have the ability to sell additional drinks, snacks, candy, sundries, artwork and souvenirs! This type of service helps limit the need for guests to go elsewhere if they just want a snack or drink and if they're going to the beach, they could even grab sunscreen from your "store". Some of these also give guests the ability to book experiences without having to do all the research! It will show local attractions and allow them to book -- AND you may even get a commission out of it! Our favorite for this is Short-Term Rental – BnSellit Technology Inc.. Be sure to enter WelcomingWow in the referral source when you sign up!!

Smart Home Automation

Some additional items you may want to consider adding to your vacation rental would be:

  1. Noise and Occupancy Monitoring Devices - Is your rental in a quiet neighborhood where neighbors may be inclined to call police if there's too much noise? Are you afraid of those house parties because your rental is large? VRTech has done the work for us and has chosen the Top 5 Short-Term Rental Noise Monitoring Devices to Prevent Parties - VRTech. Check it out if you are interested!

  2. Automatic Water Shutoffs - Yep! Its a thing! If you are a remote owner/host/manager, consider installing one of these guys! It may help you out if you have a leak or a pipe bursts!

  3. Smart Thermostat - These help YOU control the heat and air remotelyl! How many times has a guest checked out and left the A/C cranked or the heat set at 80?

  4. Smart Plugs - These little guys allow you to make any lamp "smart" and you can then "leave the light on" for those late arriving guests without actually visiting the property.

While few of us want technology to infringe on our lives, putting a few key pieces in your vacation rental will improve YOUR hosting and improve the GUEST experience! Then you can do the HAPPY DANCE too!

If this post has prompted you to want to improve your listing and your guest's experience, contact Suzanne at Welcoming Wow at for a customized Vacation Rental Owners Coaching Package! You can also go to to sign up for our upcoming FREE Live Workshop!


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