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The Importance of Being Present (Even When You're Not)

A Remote Host's Guide to Establishing Connection

As a remote vacation rental host, you might not always have the luxury of physically residing in the area where your property is located. However, despite the distance, there are compelling reasons why you should strive to be present, both at your property and in the local community. Let’s explore why spending time in your vacation rental area, even as a remote host, can greatly benefit your hosting journey.

1. Presence Builds Trust

One of the most critical aspects of remote hosting is building trust with your guests. When you're rarely in the area or physically present during emergencies, your guests need reassurance that their comfort and safety are your top priorities. Demonstrating a remote but attentive presence helps guests feel secure in their choice and establishes credibility.

2. Recommendations with a Personal Touch

Being a remote host doesn't mean you can't provide personalized recommendations. Leverage technology to connect with local businesses, explore online reviews, and tap into digital resources to gather insights about the best coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and attractions. This way, you can still offer valuable recommendations based on local knowledge, enhancing your guests' experiences.

3. Prompt Assistance

While you may not be physically nearby, modern communication tools allow you to respond promptly to any guest issues or concerns. By maintaining a reliable virtual presence, you can efficiently coordinate solutions, whether it's arranging a repair service or addressing questions about the property.

4. Engagement with Guests

Building meaningful connections with guests can extend beyond face-to-face interactions. Engaging in virtual conversations, whether through messages or calls, allows you to listen to your guests' preferences, answer questions, and ensure they have a memorable stay. There are also so many tools available to send automated messages and responses to guest inquiries to make it feel like you are available when needed. One of the reasons I started using Hospitable was because of the guest communication feature that makes it so easy!

5. Digital Understanding of the Locale

Although you may not physically explore the area, you can still gain a deep understanding of the local culture and attractions through online research and conversations with locals. This knowledge enables you to provide valuable insights and recommendations to your guests. WIth so much available online, it is so easy to research and gain the knowledge.

6. Remote Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for emergencies is paramount, especially when you're not physically present. Create a comprehensive emergency plan, complete with local contacts, service providers, and step-by-step instructions for your guests to follow in case of unexpected situations. Have info printed out and posted in the rental for hospitals and addresses in case of emergencies.

7. Utilizing Local Resources

Establish partnerships with local property management or concierge services to provide on-the-ground support in your absence. This partnership ensures that someone is available to address guest needs, emergencies, and property maintenance when you can't be there personally.

8. The Power of Digital Storytelling

Even as a remote host, you can share your experiences and insights about the area through digital storytelling. Use your website, blog, or social media to share your adventures, highlight local attractions, and create a sense of connection between your guests and the destination. Visit the area - take lots of pictures and videos - share them on a regular basis - connect with local professional photographers and highlight their work!

In conclusion, being a remote vacation rental host doesn't mean being disconnected from your property or the local community. While you might not always be physically present, your remote presence can still provide guests with a sense of security, personalized recommendations, and prompt assistance. By leveraging technology, partnerships, and a commitment to understanding the locale, you can create a memorable and authentic experience for your guests, even from afar.

If you are searching for ways to improve your business, connect with your guests, grow your bookings, or launch your first vacation rental, let's connect!! Send me an email - - just say - "let's get started" and I'll take it from there!



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