Your time to shine!!

We are all unique in various ways and just as each of us are unique so should the spaces and experiences we create be unique. Do NOT shoot for a cookie cutter look or experience, instead highlight what makes your space unique.

I had intended to make this post all about the ladies. True story. Sorry to categorize guys, but often it is the women who are the home designers and decorators. That is NOT to say that there are not men that are very gifted in this area, but traditionally many think of females when they think of home decor.

Anyway....joke is on me. Yep. People are always looking for unique spaces. Something that stands out from the crowd. Let me show you a pic of a space I found in my research. Designed by a man.

Is everything about the listing perfect? Nope. But you know what? People don't care. This is a genuine space. And you talk about colorful!! The listing seriously says "Man Cave". It's in an airplane hangar out in the countryside on 30 acres.

For privacy reasons, I am showing you just a couple pics of the space, but I will tell you the reviews are fantastic, and there are alot of them! OMG!