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How do you know??

How do you know if you are ready to jump into the madness of being a vacation rental owner? How do you know if you have what it takes to find (or create) just the right space to welcome guests (and make $$)??

You're here, aren't you?? Something is pulling at you to go down this path. Whether its the opportunity for extra income. Or you an an entrepreneur at heart and want to start a business (or another business)....or maybe you just love entertaining people and want to provide a spot for people to stay a night or two in your home or on your property.

There are so many options, and this is where you and your uniqueness comes into play! What do you love? Chances are...other people out there love it too! Yep!

Do you love the mountains? Or are you drawn to the ocean? Or maybe you're the ones who love the small towns and the opportunities there. Believe me, there are opportunities everywhere.

But back to the question of "how do you know?" or "are you ready?" Let's start with just a bit of advice if you are just starting down the path of vacation rental ownership or business.

  1. Finances - Do you have the necessary resources set aside to begin the journey? This is different for everyone depending on what you want to offer, but no matter the space, it does take just a bit to get started.

  2. Time - Do you have a little extra time (or can you prioritize the time) to dedicate to the process? Even if you find cleaners or managers and delegate, you will still need to dedicate a bit of time to the endeavor.

  3. Support - Do you have a support system? Perhaps family or friends or other vacation rental owners who know what you're going through and can lend a hand. You WILL need a shoulder, or perhaps someone to lend an ear, or give a bit of advice as you go down this path.

  4. Drive - This may be the most important out of all of them (my opinion) because there will be times when finances may feel a bit tight or you are pressed for time (or others are pulling at your priorities) and you might feel as if your support system is failing you, but you have to have the determination and drive to keep pressing on! Don't give up. If you want to follow this it. IT WILL BE WORTH IT (if you do it well)!!!!!!

On that note...WELCOMING WOW is here to help. Continue to stay tuned and reach out if you would like our assistance or support. Time to Quit Dream and Start Doing!


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