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Let's be real...

You may be tempted to oversell your space when you list online, but don't do it!! Keep it real! Don't say it's just "steps to the ocean" when its a mile away. Sure that's technically true, but not really. Don't say it has a full kitchen when it really has just the tiniest little microwave and dorm fridge and camper sink. Really? And what about those listings that say its a full house, but technically its just the basement or attic or garage apartment. Do you want your guests to be UNDER-whelmed or do you want to exceed their expectations?

People love to travel. People of all ages and income levels love to travel. There is a niche for everyone in the vacation rental space if you have the correct mind set. I love this little video that AirBnb put together on being honest and upfront in your listing, so enjoy...

Whether your space is rustic or eclectic. Whether its a bedroom or a treehouse. Whether its a camper or a mansion, or a Nantucket coastal home, show off the space and list it honestly. Wouldn't you much rather have them say WOW when they walk in instead of EEEWW??

I currently live in an 1877 rustic farmhouse style home which I know does not appeal to everyone, but that was not my goal during the remodel. Guess what? Drum roll please.... you can't appeal to everyone. Nope, so don't try. In the remodel, I was attempting to stay true to the character of the home, and since its built on logs with original hardwood floors and an old brick fireplace that was unearthed during the remodel, the design sort of unveiled itself.

I also realize that this style will not appeal to all buyers when I go to sell the home, however, it will appeal to the right ones. The same can be said of your vacation rental listing. Think of it this way, if you oversell the property and don't list it honestly, the reviews will come back poorly and bookings will be more difficult to achieve and guests will be unlikely to return. Your goal is to have happy guests and make money!!

So have fun, and give your guests the WELCOMING WOW in all aspects of your vacation rental. And remember, we're here to help!

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