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Opportunities abound!


Have you all heard of Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL? or the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, CA? What about the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM? and let's not forget the Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL! Have you heard of the Burning Man in Black Rock City, NV (you won't find this city most of the year!)? We don't want to leave out the Elkhart Jazz Festival in Elkhart, IN either!

This short list barely scratches the surface of festivals and events all over the US! You ask....What does this have to do with Vacation Rentals?

OMG!! Events are a never-ending marketing (and money-making) opportunity as well as a significant source of tourism. Vacation Rental Owners have so much opportunity to capitalize on local events! As AirBnb states in a recent article (Big events bring economic opportunity to Chicago), "Airbnb has helped cities use existing space to scale accommodations and absorb influxes of visitors, all while creating important economic opportunities for Hosts and local small businesses. In July of last year during the last big music festival, local Hosts – everyday people – collectively earned nearly $2.5 million in a single weekend. In 2021, Hosts on Airbnb welcomed nearly 500,000 total guest arrivals into Chicago1. Earlier this year, searches for stays over Lollapalooza weekend saw a surge of over 140 percent".

Festivals and events provide a huge opportunity for hosts to attract guests and make money! While not all hosts or owners have huge events like the Lollapalooza (fun to say), most towns and cities have events or festivals happening within a small radius of the vacation rental and can capitalize on them!

  • When was the last time you did a search of local festivals or events in your area? or within 30 minutes of your rental? Are you including information about them (or pictures) in your listing or on your social media pages? Social media is a great way to connect with potential guests and also show your support for local events! Repost and share event organizer's posts to support while also drawing interest to your own page.

  • What about working with event planners to get your space listed as a lodging choice?

  • And don't forget to work with event planners to get discounted tickets for your guests!


Let's move on to the opportunities you have for hosting over holidays! At the time of this writing, July 4th is barely in our rearview mirror, and Labor Day is on the horizon which for many marks the end of summer. AirBnb mentions "that long-term stays at an all-time high globally" and that guests were booking more long-term stays over holidays and spreading out to cities all over the US for holiday weekends. When families come together, they would much rather book a Vacation Rental than separate hotel rooms!

  • Do you decorate your Vacation Rental for the seasons or holidays? If so, take pictures of the different decor so guests can see what to expect and if they're looking for a place to celebrate a holiday, they know that YOUR place is the one to choose!

  • In addition to decorating, remember to post on social media regarding the holidays! Start getting guests "prepped" to stay at your Vacation Rental!

  • Are there local holiday events, such as parades? Capitalize on those! Often travelers want to experience a bit of the local life.


Do you know how many state and national parks are near your Vacation Rental? On AirBnb, potential guests can now do a search for National Parks! That's how popular it is post-Covid to visit the great outdoors! If you have a State or National Park nearby, be sure to capitalize on it!

  • After a long day at the ____________National Park, you will enjoy relaxing in comfort in our 3 bed, 2 bath pet-friendly home.....

  • Getting out to explore ____________ State Park? You will find all the comforts of home waiting for your return.

You get the idea! Also, list how far each park or destination is from the Vacation Rental!

I hope you've been inspired to adjust those listings or social media accounts to capitalize on all the opportunities you each have near you! Every Vacation Rental can be unique and can offer something special. Don't be fooled into thinking that because YOUR Vacation Rental is not in the OMG! category on AirBnb that you can't stand out or be successful!

You got this! WELCOME your GUESTS with a WOW!


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