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Make your vacation rental just a bit "You-nique"!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Many guests are drawn to things that are just a bit out of the ordinary, or at least eye-catching! This does NOT need to be extreme. Below are just a few ways that you can add a touch of uniqueness to your vacation rental to help it stand out from the crowd:

Décor Ideas:

1. Find an inspiration – like a country you love or a feeling you want to invoke, such as the beach or the mountains

2. Make it pop - Pick a neutral backdrop and then have pops of color. Think cream or beige or gray or even blues for the walls, and then add in bold artwork and pillows. This is your opportunity to make a statement that you might not have in your home. Do you have a desire to decorate with a certain color, but your significant other wasn’t a fan? Here’s your chance!!

3. Vintage – If the house is vintage already, just go with it, but spruce it up and ALWAYS make sure its clean. You can still bring in new items (please do) to make it comfy, but there are guests who LOVE vintage.

4. Pull in the history of the city or of the home or family – look to all of those for inspiration

a. Does someone collect memorabilia? – use that theme!

b. Is the city famous for something? – build on that!

c. What about a sports team in the area? That can always be good for colors and for the enthusiasts needing a place to stay!

5. Maybe there’s a style of music that you love – or maybe your aunt or uncle (or even you) were once a bit famous for opera or cello (lol) – this is your chance to shine a bit of light on it. Bring in artwork and photos. Hire someone to take beautiful photographs or find some in your collection. How fun is that?

6. Don’t forget the outside – even if you can only control the door! Make sure this is a reflection of rest of the space. Remember that the door needs to be clean first. Add a pop of color to it if you can! Make it stand out from the crowd. Beyond that, look at the landscaping, and the walls of the home or building. Does everything look inviting and WELCOMING there as well?

7. Lastly, CLEAN is a décor. Can you imagine if you do all the right things with the décor, but the space is dirty? Don’t let it happen. If someone else cleans your rental(s) for you, inspect the property to make sure it is clean. DO NOT put this on auto-pilot.

Above all - - - - make it WELCOMING!!! Give your guests a WOW experience. They chose your place instead of a hotel and instead of 1,000 other vacation rentals they could have chosen.

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