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Pet Peeves!

Over here @welcomingwow, we have some distinct pet peeves! So...hold on just a couple minutes, while we get a couple of them out of our system!

Many of you spend some serious cash on professional pictures of your properties, but here's a few things as you are setting the stage for the pics:

  1. Bathrooms - Toilets in the pics. If you must include the toilets in the pictures, please put the lids down. Let me show you the example.

Ok, now let me show you an example of a small bathroom where they show the bathroom, but don't include the toilet.

2. Bedrooms - Please make sure the bedding is the appropriate size and that the bed is made well. If you are getting professional pictures taken, the bed should be perfect. As you will see in the first picture, its a beautiful bedroom, but the bedding is not quite large enough and is slightly "off-kilter" and the bed is not well-made.

Now take a look at this next picture and you will see the major difference in how the bedding looks.

You have the opportunity to have a fabulous return on your investment, so spending a bit of money on your bedding is definitely worth it!!

If you were a potential guest, which property would you prefer to stay at? We have barely skimmed the surface with these two pet peeves, but we would love for you to comment and share your pet peeves as well so we can help vacation owners everywhere improve their properties!

WELCOMING WOW wants to help vacation rental owners welcome their guests with a wow!

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