Set the stage in your listing photos

Updated: Jan 18

Remember that you have just a few minutes to draw potential guests in while they are browsing through hundreds of vacation rental options when making their plans.

Here's how:

  1. Professional Photos - make sure your photos LOOK professional. You don't have to hire a professional if you have the talent yourself! Take your time. Turn the lights on. Open the blinds and drapes. Let the sun shine in. Make sure the area is clean and ready to shine!!

  2. Clear and accurate descriptions - When you post your photos, make sure you include a description and that they include accurate descriptions.

  3. Extra photos of the local area - Include extra photos of the local items of interest that guests can visit or do. Do you have a lake or maybe you're near a park or perhaps the ocean? Include pictures!! Is there a festival that happens every year that people flock to the area for? Go and take some pics and include a couple in the listing photos!

While we're talking about setting the stage, let's dive in a little deeper into how you set the stage in the space.

Setting the stage in your photos. Below is an example where the stage has been set in the listing photo for the bedroom. Are YOU doing this? Or do your pictures just show a pic of the bed. Also, are your beds well made and do the pillows and bedding look new?

Next is a dining area listing photo. Notice how the table is set. Awesome, huh? Hopefully you include some kind of plates, etc in the home/space and this is a good opportunity to set the scene.