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You decide!!

Here's the thing. Whether you are just starting out (or just thinking about starting) on this vacation rental journey, or maybe you have had your properties for a while and you are looking to change things up a bit....YOU are the one who gets to decide what your property should look like and what you want your guests to experience when they visit.

Perhaps you just bought a little cottage in the city and want to turn it into a vacation rental, but you are just not sure where to start.

First -- Let's chat. WELCOMING WOW can help you clarify your vision.

Second -- Clean it up. Nothing will help you more than just starting with a fresh, clean space.

Third -- Once its clean, free of clutter and outside "debris" you get to decide how much or how little you can or want to do to get this journey started. Perhaps your budget is limited, or maybe the sky is the limit -- either way, you have options. In making your decisions, work with someone like WELCOMING WOW to help you use your time and $$ wisely.

Fourth -- Here is where you begin to define your vision as a whole and start to see it take shape. Remember, this is a hospitality business. Each vacation rental can and should be unique and shares a little piece of you with the world. Even if your budget only allows you to put a fresh coat of paint on everything and purchase second-hand furniture -- your vacation rental can be the best in the area and can supplement your income quite well!!

Fifth -- Keep your BIG GOALS in mind. Perhaps this year its a small cottage that you can only paint. Guess what? Do it right and next year you just might be able to purchase another one and begin to grow your empire!!

Sixth -- Remember that YOU DECIDE. You get to decide which property and where. You get to decide how much or how little "sprucing up" to do and what unique little touches to put on the space.

Always remember -- WELCOMING WOW is in your corner and can help you figure out your steps. You got this!

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