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5 ways to wow!

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Want to welcome your guests with a wow? Here are 5 quick ways:

  1. Leave the lights on! If you have exterior lights - leave them on. To me, there is nothing better than arriving at a new place and its all lit up for me (especially in the dark)! And how many times are our guests arriving at the last minute or in the evening that it's just a nice little touch to have the lights on. And let's talk about the interior too....Leave at least one lamp on and maybe the first room lit up! People arriving don't always know where the light switches are right away. How does it feel to fumble around in the dark?

  2. Welcome basket. I mentioned in another post how we had been welcomed with a small basket of just a few items (water and snacks), but it was just such a refreshing little way to be welcomed to the space. When I was a host, there were waters left in the fridge and for those guests staying a bit longer, I left a bottle of wine on the table. Seasonal candies were on a table just inside the front door. However...going above and beyond is what I would recommend and will definitely wow the guests!

  3. Personalized note. This one would definitely wow the guests! Perhaps you have a little chalkboard that you can change out and leave a message on or you leave a thank you or welcome card each time. We rented a condo in Florida for the month of January and we were welcomed with a thank you card which also included a gift card for a local Mexican restaurant. It was definitely a sweet touch!

  4. Make sure you have extras on hand. Whether its extra towels, or shampoo and conditioner or body soap. Snuggly blankets on the couch or extra pillows. Perhaps its extra condiments in the fridge or spices in the cupboard? Perhaps a favorite local coffee or even just some instant oatmeal. Trust me, the extras go a long way in the welcoming the guests.

  5. If your space is pet-friendly....go above and beyond for the doggies. Remember, they couldn't leave the fur babies at home for a reason. For many people, these are their babies and who doesn't love to have their babies spoiled a little bit? So make sure there are dog dishes and treats! And don't forget the poop bags! and perhaps a dog bed?

Regardless of what you choose to do, remember to welcome your guests with a wow! What to they see and experience when they first enter your space? First impressions stick with them!

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